Wednesday, November 26, 2014


They say that the only permanent thing in this world is... CHANGE!

I'd say change is an inevitable thing. We cannot stop it. We can only accept it. Adopt to what it brings. Like making lemonade out of lemons.

Change is painful. It will hurt us to the core. But we must go through the hurt and pain if we wanted something in our lives to be different and better things to come along the way.

As what someone said to me, "you cannot expect something to change in your life if you do not do something different than what you've been doing in the past." So do things differently each time, if the past doesn't work for you.

They said that "God will strip you down of everything you have, to give you better things in the future." He will really take off of you all the things you want or have, because what you think you want is not what He thinks you need. 

You must let these things happen. Go with the flow. You must let go of the old or bad things in order for you to make space for the newer and better ones.

I'd say because I experienced this first hand, and still experiencing it right now. I'm still learning a lot, but I'd say I'm improving... much better than I was a few months before.

So don't be afraid. Just take that step, jump or leap of fate. Try new things. Learn new things. Get to know someone knew. Who knows, maybe this day it will be much better than what you had yesterday.

Friday, January 24, 2014

One step Closer to Independence: Getting a Student Driver's License...

I've always wanted to learn how to drive...
Maybe,  it's because I wanted to travel a lot and I'm tired of the inconvenience of commuting around...
So after my brother learned how to drive(which was years ago), I kept on bugging my mama about learning how drive.
And after years of postponing to learn it, I finally have the time to get a student driver's license and got the time to learn how to drive.

So, what's the point of telling you this? It's such a normal thing for a lot of families whose got the finances and buy a car. You would think that this is just another story of a girl....

Well, you got it all wrong...

I want to share to you on ... get this.... HOW TO GET A DRIVER'S LICENSE(Student's that is!!) IN METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES!!!

First things first...

There are many kinds of applications for different folks...
There are separate applications and requirements for Filipino Citizens and for Foreigners who are staying for a few months here in the Philippines...
There are different requirements, applications, fees and maybe tests for applying for Student, Non-Professional and Professional Driver's License...

Anyway what I will share here is just the process of getting a Student Driver's License. But the difference lies only on the fees, requirements, tests(if needed) and time target for each process.

If you are a Filipino Citizen like me, all you need is to bring the ORIGINAL and a PHOTOCOPY of EITHER you Birth Certificate OR A Valid ID... Well, for me I presented the voter's ID.

Bring your own ball pen, the proper requirements, money, and YOURSELF! You are needed for the Photo capturing and digital signature, so make sure you look good that day... =)
You can also bring candies or reading materials like a book or put a pdf or games in you phones or tab so you will not get easily bored with the whole thing, because the TV's volume is kept on the low(maybe because of the PA System).
PLUS, bring lots of PATIENCE, because a long queue in line needs a hefty amount of it. =)

Where to Go???
Go to your nearest Land Transportation Office(LTO) branches in your locality.
But wait!!! Don't confuse the Branches with LTO RENEWAL LICENSING OFFICES(the one that are inside the malls)... Because those offices inside the malls are just offering services only to RENEW CURRENT LICENSE HOLDERS... and they are not accepting or processing applications for Student or New Driver's License. So make sure to go to the right branches. =)
I hope this link will help...

Once inside the LTO Branch, go to the Information Desk where you can get the application forms. 
If you're in doubt of what to do and where to go once inside, you can ask the friendly security guards at the door to find such desk. =)
The person will ask you the kind of applicant you are and will tell you the requirements you need to present and give you the application form you need to fill out. In my case, it was a lady who told me to fill up the needed form and first return to her the form and to check my ID.

Once done with that, I was instructed to go to a window to submit my application form and the photocopy of my ID.
Once submitted to the right window, you will be asked to sit in the lobby to wait for your name to be called out in the Public Announcement(PA) System.
After they've checked your details and encode in in the computer, the PA System will call out the name/s of the applicant/s and indicate to which Window number you will proceed for the DIGITAL PHOTO CAPTURING AND SIGNATURE SAMPLING.
After which I was asked to wait to be called for the payment in the Cashier window through the PA System.
After payment, I was asked to wait in the lobby to be called for the releasing of my Student Driver's license in another window.

The Target Time indicated in the huge tarpaulin was 1HOUR from the time the application form was first submitted for STUDENT DRIVER APPLICANTS.
But my actual processing time was about a little less than 1.5 hours. Not bad for a regular day where there were many applicants. It was not very boring considering the fact that the branch I went to has a flat tv hanging somewhere in the lobby. It was comfortable waiting in the lobby because of many available seats and fans to cool down the area(not that we need fans right now, because it's unsually cold now in Manila).

But given all the delays and human factors, I'd say alot additional hour to give leeway for everything.

Because it will really depend from the time you stepped inside the branch to get and fill up the application form, to submit it to another window, the volume of the people applying for the same kind of application that you have, the processing of the personnel, the speed of the computers and other human factors.
Besides, there are different lanes for the 3 kinds of applications. So rest assure that the process is trying to do the promised targetted time allotment.


     Application Fee:          P100
     Student Permit Fee:       150
     Computer Fee:               67.63
For a Total of:                   317.63

But I also paid 2Pesos for the photocopy fee of my ID that was OUTSIDE the branch.
Plus transpo fee, if you are just a commuter like me.

But for other applicants, both new and renewal, this link that has schedule of fees might help, so go check this out...

For other queries, you can got to or check this link out for FAQ's...

 I'd say that the waiting is not so agonizing at all, because I'm waiting on a seat with cool breeze from the fan and I brought something to read.
And they are campaigning for the REPUBLIC ACT 9485 (ANTI-RED TAPE ACT OF 2007). So beware of fixers and never transact with them. So that you will only pay the right amount of fees as guided in the schedule as the link above indicates. =)

I hope this will help aspiring drivers, like me, in obtaining their own licenses. Ciao for now. ;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

"Golden Cobblestone"

Of all trinkets that was kept in my golden box,
You are the one who took most space of all,
But you are also the heaviest burden to carry,
And you made me so tired that I just wanted to let you go.
Even if your glitter still catches my eyes,
But never in my life that my heart is so tired to carry around,
A trinket that was just dipped in gold,
But was merely a stone inside...=(

(Nov.5, 2012)

-This is dedicated to an indecisive person who thinks that he is a "gold", but was really a cobblestone.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

In Falling in Love, You must Love yourself first!

‎"You don’t Love someone for their Looks, their Clothes, or their Fancy car. You love them Because they make you Happy."

That's what truly happens when you fall in love.
Normally, you will have your "LIST". The things that you want about the significant other you want to have. You'll have a "TYPE" or category or classification of guy/girl you are attracted to.
Sometimes this works. Sometimes you'll use it.

But somewhere along the way of finding true love, there will be an EXCEPTION!
That person who defied YOUR LIST and YOUR TYPE.
The person whom you will think about all the time.
The person who will make you insane, irrational and illogical.
The person whom you think who is going to be THE ONE.

But sometimes, s/he MAY NOT BE THE ULTIMATE ONE.
That person might just be a test, a sample or a practice ground of destiny, fate or God(whichever you believe in).
A test of how well you know yourself.
A test of how grounded you are to your core values and principles in life.
A test of how much value you put yourself.
A test of how strong you love yourself.
A sample of how love can affect you.
A sample of what love can do to you.
A sample of how much love can do to you.
A practice ground of how you can love others.
A practice ground of how you can love yourself.
A practice ground of how much you can love yourself.

And because of love, this is what I learn:

"You may Love that person, but you may also NOT LIKE that person."

"You may Love others, but you MUST FIRST LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF."

"You may truly love a person. But when you ask yourself if he is worth all the heartaches and pain that he is causing you, then chances are HE IS NOT WORTH IT."

"You may truly love a person and give love and happiness. But that person must also bring you happiness and the love that you deserve. If he is not a source of "any" happiness, then most likely he doesn't love you back."

A person who truly loves you will want to make you happy and will never do anything to hurt you in any possible way.

I thought I don't know how to love myself. But the truth is, I've always been loving myself.
I keep on forgetting HOW TO LOVE MYSELF.
But now, I know those things. And I love myself.

I value myself the way God values me like his daughter, his princess.
He will only give me to the man that is right for me, at the right time and at the right place.

*Herein photos are not mine. Credits to the sources from different sites... ^_^

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Music Therapy

Sometimes what we feel cannot be spoken.
Sometimes what we want to say should never be said.
Sometimes what we want to do should never be done.

And for that, there is only one remedy for me...
That is to listen to music...
Or for me, CREATE one...

For now, I love the Music of Up Dharma Down.
The Studio Versions of their songs are wonderful.
The melodies are quirky and unconventional.
The voice of Armi Millare is soulful that I wanted to listen to her over and over again.
But they are better in their LIVE performances...
I hope to watch them in one of their live gigs...

Another one is Krissy and Ericka.
Although their music is more of teeners choice, I like their original compositions like "12:51" and "In your Arms".
The words fit like a tee in my life.

And Last but not the least, Sara Bareilles songs.
Her original compositions are like songs of my heart.
The words she put into those melodies are perfect for each other.
These past few months, I love her songs entitled "Between the Lines", "Bittersweet", and "Before I Knew Better".
But what I love most right now is her Mash up cover of Cee Lo Green's Song and her original song... "F*(< %@# and Gonna Get over you"...

And every time I listen and sang along with these songs, somehow I feel relieved.

So I not only encourage you, but I URGE you to have your own playlist to listen to when you're mad, lonely, sad, happy or any emotions that run into your mind.
Because these will help you release tension, stress, and pain.
So enjoy! ^_^

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hoping for something out of nothing...

"Gusto mo bang pagusapan? Gusto mong mag-isa? 
Alam ko kung anong nararamdaman mo. 
Masakit, kahit alam mong wala kang karapatan masaktan.
Pero nararamdaman mo nagkakaunawaan kayo, pero di nyo pa napaguusapan.
May nararamdaman ka sa kanya. At sa iyo, sapat na yun para ituring mo na sa iyo siya.
Mahirap yung mahal na mahal mo ang isang tao, na sa puso't isip inangkin mo na siya.
Tapos hindi naman pala para sa iyo.
Masakit, pero wala kang magagawa."
- Bert to Cristina(Bobby Andrews to Regine Velasquez) from the movie Pangako ikaw Lang

This kind of love is the classic I-know-that-you-know-that-I-like-you-but-we-just-have-not-talked-about-it-yet.


And what's worse, is that you cannot talk about it. You cannot even react. You cannot even cry in front of the person. You cannot even get angry to that person. Because YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT.

Yes! You don't even have the right to say that you LOVE that person.

You cannot even admit to yourself that after just a short span of time, that you've fallen in love with that person.

And you know what's the WORST?... Is that YOU CANNOT EVEN WALK AWAY FROM THAT PERSON. You Cannot erase that person in your life. You cannot even delete that person's number on your mobile phone. You cannot hide from that person. Because you don't want to stir suspicions from other people that you are hurting and you don't have any option but to suck it up and deal with it. You don't want other people to know about what is happening, because you are so afraid of the awkward silences, piercing stares, rumors, gossip mongers and snide comments. You cannot live with that because you know that you still have unfinished business to do around him, and YOU JUST DON'T HAVE THE CHOICE TO VANISH FROM THAT PERSON'S LIFE COMPLETELY.

And the MOST AWFUL feeling, is that you cannot run away. You cannot even tell that person that you are hurting even though that person has an inkling feeling that there is something wrong.

The only time you'll get stronger is when there is no other choice but to be strong. =(

Extracted from my Grave...

Due to my friends' demand...
My Facebook Account is now Resurrected... or is it Reactivated...hahahaha ;)))
More than 2 months of hiatus mode from the social media and cyber world had been a great Sabbatical for me.

I renewed me from within.

I learn how to keep my emotions. Not every one wants to know what you do, who you are with, and what's going on with your life. But the people who cherishes you and the people that matters to you will search for you, find you not only in the cyber world, but also in the real world.

I also learn how to keep mum about what you feel at the moment... Most especially strong emotions, like anger or elated... Because most of the times, when you've sobered up, the decisions and promises you've made, are not the decisions and promises that you'd want to stick up to....

So before I post, I should think about 10-100 times..^_^