Monday, November 5, 2012

"Golden Cobblestone"

Of all trinkets that was kept in my golden box,
You are the one who took most space of all,
But you are also the heaviest burden to carry,
And you made me so tired that I just wanted to let you go.
Even if your glitter still catches my eyes,
But never in my life that my heart is so tired to carry around,
A trinket that was just dipped in gold,
But was merely a stone inside...=(

(Nov.5, 2012)

-This is dedicated to an indecisive person who thinks that he is a "gold", but was really a cobblestone.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

In Falling in Love, You must Love yourself first!

‎"You don’t Love someone for their Looks, their Clothes, or their Fancy car. You love them Because they make you Happy."

That's what truly happens when you fall in love.
Normally, you will have your "LIST". The things that you want about the significant other you want to have. You'll have a "TYPE" or category or classification of guy/girl you are attracted to.
Sometimes this works. Sometimes you'll use it.

But somewhere along the way of finding true love, there will be an EXCEPTION!
That person who defied YOUR LIST and YOUR TYPE.
The person whom you will think about all the time.
The person who will make you insane, irrational and illogical.
The person whom you think who is going to be THE ONE.

But sometimes, s/he MAY NOT BE THE ULTIMATE ONE.
That person might just be a test, a sample or a practice ground of destiny, fate or God(whichever you believe in).
A test of how well you know yourself.
A test of how grounded you are to your core values and principles in life.
A test of how much value you put yourself.
A test of how strong you love yourself.
A sample of how love can affect you.
A sample of what love can do to you.
A sample of how much love can do to you.
A practice ground of how you can love others.
A practice ground of how you can love yourself.
A practice ground of how much you can love yourself.

And because of love, this is what I learn:

"You may Love that person, but you may also NOT LIKE that person."

"You may Love others, but you MUST FIRST LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF."

"You may truly love a person. But when you ask yourself if he is worth all the heartaches and pain that he is causing you, then chances are HE IS NOT WORTH IT."

"You may truly love a person and give love and happiness. But that person must also bring you happiness and the love that you deserve. If he is not a source of "any" happiness, then most likely he doesn't love you back."

A person who truly loves you will want to make you happy and will never do anything to hurt you in any possible way.

I thought I don't know how to love myself. But the truth is, I've always been loving myself.
I keep on forgetting HOW TO LOVE MYSELF.
But now, I know those things. And I love myself.

I value myself the way God values me like his daughter, his princess.
He will only give me to the man that is right for me, at the right time and at the right place.

*Herein photos are not mine. Credits to the sources from different sites... ^_^