Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Music Therapy

Sometimes what we feel cannot be spoken.
Sometimes what we want to say should never be said.
Sometimes what we want to do should never be done.

And for that, there is only one remedy for me...
That is to listen to music...
Or for me, CREATE one...

For now, I love the Music of Up Dharma Down.
The Studio Versions of their songs are wonderful.
The melodies are quirky and unconventional.
The voice of Armi Millare is soulful that I wanted to listen to her over and over again.
But they are better in their LIVE performances...
I hope to watch them in one of their live gigs...

Another one is Krissy and Ericka.
Although their music is more of teeners choice, I like their original compositions like "12:51" and "In your Arms".
The words fit like a tee in my life.

And Last but not the least, Sara Bareilles songs.
Her original compositions are like songs of my heart.
The words she put into those melodies are perfect for each other.
These past few months, I love her songs entitled "Between the Lines", "Bittersweet", and "Before I Knew Better".
But what I love most right now is her Mash up cover of Cee Lo Green's Song and her original song... "F*(< %@# and Gonna Get over you"...

And every time I listen and sang along with these songs, somehow I feel relieved.

So I not only encourage you, but I URGE you to have your own playlist to listen to when you're mad, lonely, sad, happy or any emotions that run into your mind.
Because these will help you release tension, stress, and pain.
So enjoy! ^_^