Sunday, June 27, 2010

Walking Under the Moonlit sky...

Class starts at 9am. I slept the night before at 4am. just had almost 3 hours of sleep. I arrived a little earlier. After the introduction and assignment, our professor dismissed us.

I plan to sleep at the library, but my friends arrived. I was with a very special friend the whole lunch time. I was a little down because of the things I knew about him.The things that I discovered made me think that maybe I was not so special for him after all...that I maybe he was not worth all of it. I set aside all of my thoughts while i was with him and my friends. I just enjoyed the moment to be with him and listen to his corny jokes.

Then I left for my wushu practice. This is the first time that I got out of my rhythm. My forms are so bad when I'm not with those people that I used to practice. I got so pissed that I don't wanted to talk or do the stunts for a while. I took a break and talk to Marvin what I felt. He and his mom understand me because we've been batchmates and we know each others moves. I can say Marvin, Patrick and Bobbie were my buddies in the club. So after that moment, I asked Bobbie to please be my partner when doing the stunts because we are on the same phase when doing the stunts. I really like the thought of having a girl buddy at wushu class that is not so perfectly good. We have flaws, but we help each other in achieving the forms and stunts. Then our saturday dinner at vegetarian restaurants materialize, and this time to "My happy Veggies". It was a meager dinner but the food was great! I love this resto better than the last time. we were just 5 because the others are a little tight on the budget.

Then I need to go to our sorority activity. On the way to the place while walking in the middle of the street. i saw two little girls who were also walking ahead of me and talking.

LittleGirl1:bakit bilog ang buwan,di pa naman gabing gabi ah?
LG2:ewan,di ba pag bilog ang buwan,malalim na ang gabi.pag kalahati yung buwan, di pa masyaadong gabi.e ano pg walang buwan?
LG1:oo nga ano...ewan,siguro malapit pa lang gumabi?!

...ahahaha:)) napaisip din ako sa tanong nila habang nakangiting nglalakad at pinipgilang tumawa at sumabat sa usapan nila.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Quick night Out and wushu practice gone wrong

My Ust Law original Section A classmates arrange a very impromptu dinner last saturday. We were just texted the night before. I was kinda thinking about if I would run after wushu practice. but, to my dismay, Marvin and I have the wrong saturday schedule of wushu practice.

So I decided to go to the dinner with a good friend, Divine. I told her that I will only come if she will come and I promise to just eat dinner and not drink any alcoholic. So she promised to come just to see me. She fetch me at Trinoma. I gave her a chocolate rose pastillas as a belated gift for her birthday. I said that it is edible and I know she likes chocolates. (I hope she eats it!)

We arrived at the resto and found just a few friends. It was an intimate dinner. A lot of our classmates couldn't make it. But at least I got to hang out with a few important friends. My girl classmates were awestruck at my new hair do, because it was so short. They loved it! And they noticed I was getting slimmer, and its all thanks to wushu. Divine and I ate a hefty beef dinner with rice which i guiltlessly ate. I was not satisfied with the serving. i wanted to eat desserts, but i controlled my cravings. besides, the price is insane! We took a few pictures before we left.

Divine drop me of at Sm North Edsa to take my bus. I was so thankful to see her again. I hope to go out with her again!=)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wendy’s Day out

It was a very hectic day for Wendy. She just came from a vacation at her hometown in Cebu. It was just a very short week visit to her Grandma and to get together with her childhood friends. She just came from a night of drinking spree with her former grade school classmates and she directly went to the airport to come back to Manila.

At long last Manila, she was still tired and exhausted from the drinks and flight, but she only got a few hours till she got to go home to Tuguegarao. She sleep a little at their house at Malabon for a few hours before meeting Majojojo. Majojojo was very excited to meet her. She and Wendy have been planning this get together for around a year now. She wanted to see Wendy for the first time in around five years. Finally, they met that afternoon.

At first they went to SM Megamall to meet and shop for some make up. Then they went ahead to their destination, Tiendesita’s. Majojojo went to buy Strip it Cold wax and they look around to shop. They were expecting to see a lot of new stuff that they can enjoy looking or buying. But to their dismay, there wasn’t a lot to buy and look around. Majojojo thought it was still much nicer to shop at Divisoria. So they decided to go back to SM Megamall and shop more makeup and eat dinner there. It was late in the evening when they finish all what they wanted to do. So Wendy decided to move her Tuguegarao trip till the early next morning. She and Majojojo went straight home on the same bus. They were so busy shopping and looking all around all day that they almost forgot to take some pictures. They only remembered to take some picture as souvenirs on the bus while they were on their way home. It was a fun filled day for the two. It was a rare occasion that they surely want to do again...soon!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Last Day of Summer class

June 2, 2010 was a big and hectic day for me. It was the last day for my wushu summer class and final exams for environmental law.
I intended to bring a camera with me. But somehow I cannot convince my siblings to lend me their DSLR. So I thought why not bring the owner of the camera along with me....and so I did.

I brought my sister with me as my photographer. At first she thought that she will need something to bring along to pass time. But when we arrived in my class, she was enjoying taking pictures.

We arrived a little earlier so that I can change shoes. The class seem smaller than what we had for the past two months. Some of my classmates didn't want to finish the class. Some of them didn't want to pay so they abscond after one and a half months practice. Some of my classmates were just waiting for this day so they could just stop practicing. I, on the other hand, was one of those few people who wanted to continue practicing even class starts.

Even before the class began, one of my little classmates had an accident. He bumped his head on the floor because another naughty boy pushed him. It was a really big nasty bump. I was the one who went to the nearest store to buy some ice. Damn, I need to go there with my precious wushu rubber shoes that I don't use to walk on streets. By the time I got back, he was a little calmer. They were all flabbergasted when they saw that I bought a big pack of ice. I had no choice. There are no available small pack of ice.

We went on with our practice while the little injured boy was being attended by our coach and the little naughty boy was punished. We were all excited to do all the things we learned from the class. As usual, the little girl I was with was an over-achiever-know-it-all-git. She was really annoying, but I just don't give a big damn deal about her, because I don't want to lose my wits because of her. Good thing there was "the martian"and "the starfish", my two classmates who were a lot older than her and who can understand me. They share the same sentiment with me about the girl.

When the practice was finished, we had photo ops with our coaches, Willy Wang and Vicky Ting. I was happy to be with them. I got to have a new sport, a new group of friends, new social life, new addiction,and an old new environment (because of having a new Chinese community friends). It was the first time in my life that I was really interested with a sport. it was not only the chance to get slimmer, but the chance to be really good at something. I feel fulfilled alone. I feel that I don't need guys or boys to be in my life to be really happy about something in my life.

Afterward, I let my sister go home without me. And I have to rush to go to school to have my final exams. It was surprisingly simple yet difficult exam. It was a very brain wracking exam.
I had finished my exam when the professor asked for a favor, for me to give to the dean's office the spare booklets. However, the office was already closed. So I went back to the class. She old me to leave it to the guard. My two guy classmates, who were very close to me, and I, waited for my professor because we have to give her a ride till her sister's home. It was a fun ride because we had a long chat with our prof. I really hope that we pass this subject, because I know that maám is one difficult prof to please...whew!