Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Quick night Out and wushu practice gone wrong

My Ust Law original Section A classmates arrange a very impromptu dinner last saturday. We were just texted the night before. I was kinda thinking about if I would run after wushu practice. but, to my dismay, Marvin and I have the wrong saturday schedule of wushu practice.

So I decided to go to the dinner with a good friend, Divine. I told her that I will only come if she will come and I promise to just eat dinner and not drink any alcoholic. So she promised to come just to see me. She fetch me at Trinoma. I gave her a chocolate rose pastillas as a belated gift for her birthday. I said that it is edible and I know she likes chocolates. (I hope she eats it!)

We arrived at the resto and found just a few friends. It was an intimate dinner. A lot of our classmates couldn't make it. But at least I got to hang out with a few important friends. My girl classmates were awestruck at my new hair do, because it was so short. They loved it! And they noticed I was getting slimmer, and its all thanks to wushu. Divine and I ate a hefty beef dinner with rice which i guiltlessly ate. I was not satisfied with the serving. i wanted to eat desserts, but i controlled my cravings. besides, the price is insane! We took a few pictures before we left.

Divine drop me of at Sm North Edsa to take my bus. I was so thankful to see her again. I hope to go out with her again!=)


  1. Bakit parang dessert lang ang inorder niyo? (looks at the picture) :D

  2. hehehe. sa comment ako natawa. sa comment ni Rah. hehe.

  3. @rah: hindi ako nagdessert..sila donna lang...roast beef kinain ko...hehe;P

    @goyo: oo nga..pinagttripan kinain namin...ahaha;))