Monday, June 14, 2010

Wendy’s Day out

It was a very hectic day for Wendy. She just came from a vacation at her hometown in Cebu. It was just a very short week visit to her Grandma and to get together with her childhood friends. She just came from a night of drinking spree with her former grade school classmates and she directly went to the airport to come back to Manila.

At long last Manila, she was still tired and exhausted from the drinks and flight, but she only got a few hours till she got to go home to Tuguegarao. She sleep a little at their house at Malabon for a few hours before meeting Majojojo. Majojojo was very excited to meet her. She and Wendy have been planning this get together for around a year now. She wanted to see Wendy for the first time in around five years. Finally, they met that afternoon.

At first they went to SM Megamall to meet and shop for some make up. Then they went ahead to their destination, Tiendesita’s. Majojojo went to buy Strip it Cold wax and they look around to shop. They were expecting to see a lot of new stuff that they can enjoy looking or buying. But to their dismay, there wasn’t a lot to buy and look around. Majojojo thought it was still much nicer to shop at Divisoria. So they decided to go back to SM Megamall and shop more makeup and eat dinner there. It was late in the evening when they finish all what they wanted to do. So Wendy decided to move her Tuguegarao trip till the early next morning. She and Majojojo went straight home on the same bus. They were so busy shopping and looking all around all day that they almost forgot to take some pictures. They only remembered to take some picture as souvenirs on the bus while they were on their way home. It was a fun filled day for the two. It was a rare occasion that they surely want to do again...soon!


  1. I like the way you talk in the third person :) hahaha just like a scientific paper :D Pasukan na naman! :D

  2. hehe;P thanks! oo nga, pasukan magpapalit ako ng sked pag dahil sa wushu!hay...kakaloka...mali sked na ginawa ko!hehe