Sunday, June 27, 2010

Walking Under the Moonlit sky...

Class starts at 9am. I slept the night before at 4am. just had almost 3 hours of sleep. I arrived a little earlier. After the introduction and assignment, our professor dismissed us.

I plan to sleep at the library, but my friends arrived. I was with a very special friend the whole lunch time. I was a little down because of the things I knew about him.The things that I discovered made me think that maybe I was not so special for him after all...that I maybe he was not worth all of it. I set aside all of my thoughts while i was with him and my friends. I just enjoyed the moment to be with him and listen to his corny jokes.

Then I left for my wushu practice. This is the first time that I got out of my rhythm. My forms are so bad when I'm not with those people that I used to practice. I got so pissed that I don't wanted to talk or do the stunts for a while. I took a break and talk to Marvin what I felt. He and his mom understand me because we've been batchmates and we know each others moves. I can say Marvin, Patrick and Bobbie were my buddies in the club. So after that moment, I asked Bobbie to please be my partner when doing the stunts because we are on the same phase when doing the stunts. I really like the thought of having a girl buddy at wushu class that is not so perfectly good. We have flaws, but we help each other in achieving the forms and stunts. Then our saturday dinner at vegetarian restaurants materialize, and this time to "My happy Veggies". It was a meager dinner but the food was great! I love this resto better than the last time. we were just 5 because the others are a little tight on the budget.

Then I need to go to our sorority activity. On the way to the place while walking in the middle of the street. i saw two little girls who were also walking ahead of me and talking.

LittleGirl1:bakit bilog ang buwan,di pa naman gabing gabi ah?
LG2:ewan,di ba pag bilog ang buwan,malalim na ang gabi.pag kalahati yung buwan, di pa masyaadong gabi.e ano pg walang buwan?
LG1:oo nga ano...ewan,siguro malapit pa lang gumabi?!

...ahahaha:)) napaisip din ako sa tanong nila habang nakangiting nglalakad at pinipgilang tumawa at sumabat sa usapan nila.

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