Monday, April 4, 2011

to my beloved Professor.. Atty. Sababan by day, Francis by night!

Every time he walks in our class during Tax1(1st sem) and he started shouting at us, I would instantly forget what I read and memorized for the day. I would only remember what his questions, answers, jokes and life lessons at the end of the class. My friend said to over come this anxiety, we will say "Music to my ears" as our mantra. Now, his words, jokes and moral lessons that he imparts us during his lectures will never be heard anymore...I will never hear those "Music to my ears".

Sir, we will dearly miss you Atty. Francis "balbas" "Boy George" J. Sababan. May your soul be with our Eternal Creator. You will be remembered, forever. We love you sir. ='(

(I know this is kinda late for posting, but I just want to repost this from my FB notes)

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