Monday, April 4, 2011

Pit Fall

This world is like a dark forest,so full of unknown.
A path full of mystery, a trail of its own.
A journey of one, that cannot be accompanied.
A search for the soul, where one can get lost.

Fork path ahead of us, a chance to choose.
A road that can lead us, to be better once moved.
Take the road on the left, and see what is true.
Take the road to the right, and find out what hides.

Roads have impediments, a stone that blocks.
As big as a mountain, or as small as a rock.
A person might not walk thru it, but around it.
Someone might not see it, but stumble on it.

A pit hole is uncertain, to fall to the unknown.
A hole that is nothing, but a ticket to doom.
No warnings, no signs, a guess in the dark.
No harness, no safety nets, to save you in time.

A world this crazy, have to be hell.
But it might be heaven, if someone catches me there.


  1. Someone will catch you, if you let your self be caught. :)

  2. Sometimes, being strong means landing on your feet...the downside of it, most of the time, I don't let people catch me when I fall...

  3. Nice poem! :)

    Don't hold back, in spite of the risks, the poem seems to say. :)