Saturday, May 28, 2011


I never thought I'd see you again,
from the moment I saw your face, your eyes, your lips.
I never thought I'd feel you again,
from the moment I touched your hands, your arms, your shoulders.

I never thought I'd feel this again,
the elating looks to ecstatic touches.
I never thought I'd remember you again,
from the moment i decided to walk away thinking I'd do the right things.

I never thought I'll miss you again,
from the quirky jokes to the romantic conversations.
I never thought I'd regret again,
from leaving you when I know I shouldn't.

I regret the day I walked away,
I regret the day when I did what others told me,
thinking that I was doing the right thing,
Now I regret that I walked out from the love I could have had...


  1. Live life without regrets. Things happen for a reason.

  2. ganda ng poem. :) pwedeng gawing kanta. :)

  3. @rah: wish I could have done that...I'm trying to live without regrets ever since HS..but sometimes, the things we regret the most are not those things we have said or done...
    but the things we didn't said or do when we ought to...

    @layla: thanks, yes, I wish someday I could put a melody in this poem....^_^