Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poetic Girl

I believe that a girl cannot say anything and everything without filtering. Even a liberated girl cannot talk without any restrictions. A perfect example of such girl is me. I can say that I'm a conservative-traditionalist Chinese Filipino Girl who is open minded about her environment. I cannot say very delicate, sensual, racy or sensitive words, but can say profanity only up to certain degree. I cannot even directly tell a guy that I like that I liked him. And for that, I can only hush up and let him feel my affections. However, I have defied that rule quite a couple of times, so far. And I must say, i haven't regret telling them. I carefully pick those people that I tell of my feelings towards them. And so far, they are nice guys who knows how to be gentlemen. However, there were times that I could not contain what I felt and resort into diversionary tactics, like poetry or song writing. Yes, I'm not only a singer, but I sometimes try to write songs...or lyrics for that matter. And sometimes, I put my feelings in poetry. I know it is so cheesy. But I like romanticism. I like people who appreciates poetry of the Renaissance era, of Shakespearean Language. I like people who can appreciate my art....and me. I recently got my heart broken opted to pour it all out to poetry writing. I suddenly realized that every time I feel a very strong emotion, most especially when I'm in love or heart-broken. I suddenly had the urge to get a paper and write whatever love I have. Most likely, the guy will never read this poem and will not even know this. But I hope, that anyone who has the opportunity to read this can appreciate this innocent poems...

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