Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Ever since I started maintaining cyber accounts, I keep only the minimum amount as much as possible of every kind... or maybe none at all. I just feel that I do not need as much portals to possibly reach all of my friends. And maybe that is why I got hooked on Facebook even though I do no play any online games there... actually, I almost don't play any online games at all. :))

There were a lot of indications that I was so hooked in FB that I almost don't sleep at all, even on a school night. I'm a law student, so my classes are in the afternoons and nights, but I only get to sleep around 4-6hours a day because I spend most of my nights browsing and surfing the internet and lurking in FB, and most of my sleep was in the morning. My insomnia is getting worse by the day. I sometimes don't sleep for 2 days because I just couldn't sleep anymore. I tried a lot of times to   get away from FB for a few days or at least a week, but I always end up just keeping away from it for a few days. I also tried deactivating, but I just end up reactivating after 24hours.

But this first semester of this current school year, something prompted me to really deviate from my addiction and get away from social media. For now, I've been away from FB for more than a month now and it's been great. I'm still a late sleeper, but at least I'm sleeping at night now, unlike before.

And because of my sabbatical in social media I learn:
-To think before I click.
-To filter what to say.
-To be mindful that every thing I post, there's someone who will read it.
-To be aware that everything I post will forever be etched in someone else's memory.
-To hide what I feel for the moment.
-To lessen my cyber stalking.
-That not all people doesn't care much about you...they actually do care, and you'll just find out when you leave.

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