Monday, November 5, 2012

"Golden Cobblestone"

Of all trinkets that was kept in my golden box,
You are the one who took most space of all,
But you are also the heaviest burden to carry,
And you made me so tired that I just wanted to let you go.
Even if your glitter still catches my eyes,
But never in my life that my heart is so tired to carry around,
A trinket that was just dipped in gold,
But was merely a stone inside...=(

(Nov.5, 2012)

-This is dedicated to an indecisive person who thinks that he is a "gold", but was really a cobblestone.


  1. I found you while searching for law students. And you're a pharmacist and a law student??!!? Tha'ts amazing, -I recently graduated from a top 10 law school in the US ♥
    A Preponderance of Fashion

    1. Hi Fashion Blawger! It's nice to hear that.. Thank you! And Congratulations! I also recently graduated from law school and studying for the bar exams... Good luck to us! ^_^