Sunday, May 30, 2010

A road less travelled...

I watched Maalaala mo Kaya's "Diploma" episode...Its about lola Rosa's Graduate in high school even at a very advance age...
It was not a pretty and easy road to take. Her parents were mocked, belittled and unjustly treated by the society just because they were not educated. Se was mocked because she was not properly educated because she only finished till third year high school. Other people does not respect her and her husband because they did not finished high school. Her kids was ashamed of their undereducated parents. And when she finally decided to study again in high school, almost everyone was against it. Some of her children discouraged her, some supported her. Other people mocked her. But her only strength was her husband who have been there to support her through thick and thin. In the end, she finished her studies as a high school student.

Moral Lesson: It was a road less travel.
Everyone will discourage you.No one wants to take that road except a few. It was and it will be a nasty journey. A lot of worries and heart aches will be met along the path. But the goal will be the sweetest success anyone can ever taste.

I was watching it with my mama and little sister. I was reminded of the paths that my older sister and I took. She took med proper, while I took law proper (with a pre-med undergraduate course). We both took the harder path to reach our ultimate goal in life. I know it will be rocky, bumpy and steep road to walk on. But what can I do. There's no other way to reach our goals, but to take this unpleasant journey. All I am thinking now is when I finish this road, I will be complete and happy because I did it....on my own. My ultimate goal is to have what I've dreamed of. And I would never ever want to look back anymore. I hope that I will never regret my decision that I've exchanged my life into something more difficult than it used to be. I hope that I will reach for my dreams. A path that not everyone gets, but everyone loves to be like us in the end.


  1. goes to show na pag may tiyaga, meron patutunguhan talaga. ANg hirap kaya ng high school! mas mahirap pa nga high school kesa sa college eh.

  2. ahaha;D for me mas mahirap nung college...kasi I was taking up something that was pick out for me, and not what I really wanted....nonetheless, I still graduated and got my license....pero tama ka...pag may tiyaga, may nilaga!hehe;P