Saturday, May 29, 2010

tension and shyness..

It was a gloomy day for a summer's day. I need to leave earlier than I usually do. i need to go to the nearest photocopying machine in the mall to do some errand for my barrister buddy. I picked this pair of sandals, a white strappy wedge, a comfy yer stylish.
I finished my errand on time. But the rain poured on me. I need to walk to the train station without any umbrella, only a towel to cover my head.
My sandals, my precious white sandals got a lot of mud on the edges. I have no choice but to walk in mud.
I got on the train...good thing i got the chance to sit even though I was wet from the rain.
Everybody was wet. It smelled like wet socks....I got to my practice on time. But my coach was late...almost everybody was late....the mats were not even spread yet. No time to lay the mats, so we practiced without it. The gloom of the weather made us gloomy also...We never really do much. Its the first time that coach let us sit on the floor just to do nothing....
Then, time for me to go to my summer classes. I got there, as usual, late. My professor teased me of wearing skirt. Everyone knows, they will seldom see me in one because I hate wearing them....very uncomfortable and bare. But nevertheless, everyone noticed me..even that someone special who is sitting at the opposite end of the room. In the middle of the class, my friend signed to me that he was already hungry...I was starving also...So we decided to eat after class...After class, i first went to my barrister buddy and gave her the notes I photocopied.
While waiting for her, that special someone also went to the place where I am waiting....
Tensions build as he walks beside and past me...Then he stand next to me and smiled. i asked him what is he doing there. He answered that he went there to give something to a friend.
Small talks about the subject and things how to memorize for such subject. He was waiting for my answer, I was waiting for his. Its like a dance that everyone is looking at...and the dancers are waiting for someone to make a move....
Tensions build...awkwardness rises up...stolen pic was taken. He was just beside me...talking to me..looking at me...laughing with me...then the moment that he has to leave...and I was stuck there to wait for someone and with a friend.

After that errand, my friends and I ate at was a wonderful night of laughing and talking about a lot of things...I miss to have those long hangouts....
A very shy boy and a timid girl makes no progress at all!


  1. grabe ako din, nahirapn sumakay dahil nakidlatan ang lrt. pero i didn't mind :D

  2. para akong basang sisiw dahil sa ulan....nalate din ako sa practice...I think almost everyone in our class was late...hehe;P