Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Confessing Heart"

I was contented alone, 
Happy in my solitude, 
But when you came along, 
My sanctuary became inviting. 

Knew that this is transitory, 
You sojourn in my sanctuary, 
Thought my feelings will fly by the night, 
So I let you see my real side. 

Infatuation turns to Camaraderie, 
but love crept in unknowingly,
Never thought I would fall, 
More than the perceived deep hole. 

This love as hush as the wind blows by, 
As cannot be seen but felt by, 
Resisting to say what I truly feel, 
My lips are sealed, but feelings revealed. 

Saw your real side, the gentleman kind, 
Lonely as an old man who never had, 
The love you longed for I have with me, 
So open your ear and heart for me.


  1. hahaha;)) IKR! ^_^
    pero ganun talaga pag in love, nagiging chizi at corny...hahaha;))
    thanks dude sa greetings...^_^